It started in college...

We are a husband & wife photography team in the Greater Seattle area, with a passion for making milestone moments stand still. We live in Bothell, have two spunky & adventurous daughters, travel often, and love to document our life. 

Tyson is a Seattle native & a man of many hobbies. Whether it be coffee roasting, canning, or coin collecting, he puts his energy into everything that interests him. Since high school, Tyson has always had an eye for photography. After our first child was born, Tyson bought his first Canon that came with us everywhere. We were the family that had professional family photos done on the regular & we invested in capturing those milestones that pass so quickly. Year after year, Tyson's favorite photos were the ones that he took with his own hands & he realized he wanted to pursue photography full-time. You will find Tyson constantly honing his craft, taking regular classes in editing, posing & lighting. He is an extrovert, who loves meeting clients & forming relationships that go beyond just being a hired photographer.

Tessa is literally the opposite... but fortunately, opposites attract! As a former accountant, she processes in black & white, and likes to focus on the final product. She handles scheduling, editing & photo shoot support. She is the behind-the-scenes counterpart who makes things run smoothly. Tessa is your typical mom, who basks in the silence while the kids are at school & talks to her dog like it's their third child. Originally from Michigan, she is still fascinated by both the city life (GPS all day long, amiright?) and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Being a team benefits our clients with two sets of eyes, an extra pair of hands (when needed), and often two totally different aesthetics. Tyson gravitates more toward hard & bold photography, whereas Tessa is drawn to warm & soft lighting. We believe presenting a mix of both gives our clients a well-rounded final product.


-Tyson and Tessa Chaplin